The Hiding of Easter Eggs

I didn’t intentionally set out to put Easter Eggs in this book, but my subconsious conspired with my muse and before I knew it, there were so many, I had no choice but to embrace the idea and have some fun.

Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy

There are two specific Easter eggs for the witty, sharp-tongued heroine. First, the setting of the book opens in Elizabeth, NJ. An obvious tribute to my girl Lizzy. And the Deputy of Warwick, and my main character’s love interest, goes by the name of Bennett Williams. This is actually a combination of eggs, one for Elizabeth, and one for Mr. Darcy, whose first name is Fitzwilliam.

Mr. Wickham

The mecca of freedom of safety in the first book is a town called Warwick. An interesting little town with an interesting name. It is the first hint at my love and supreme affection for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, my all-time favorite book.

For those of you unfamiliar, or perhaps unaffected by this work, Warwick is a bit of a nod to Mr. Wickham, the less-than-scrupulous, would-be suitor who ends up absconding with Elizabeth Bennett’s youngest sister and causing a scandal that threatened any advantageous marriage for any of the Bennett sisters.



Genre: Post-apocalyptic fiction, with a dash of humor and a bit of romance.


Anticipating Release Date:

Summer 2020


Because life after the apocalypse is about more than just survival.

From a last-row parking spot at the Elizabeth, NJ IKEA, August Steward decided the unexpected appearance of the Northern Lights was a sign. Divorcing Brett, her cheating husband, was undoubtedly the right move. By the next morning, the first thousand deaths from the JN-1675 virus had thrown the world into chaos. She’d have her new start whether she was ready for it or not.

Four years later, what she wouldn’t give for some wi-fi and an hour to kill on Pinterest. Armed instead with a small collection of how-to books, August is trying to give her daughters a normal childhood. One that includes things like pancakes, birthday cake, and bubble baths.

But when Brett reappears with the guns and manpower to force them into a “protection zone” under his control, August escapes and flees north to the small town of Warwick, far from Brett’s attempt to reconciliate. Now, she must earn her citizenship from the town council, even as someone in Warwick is working to ensure she fails.

August is ready to start over. Again. Will she be able to prove to the council that she deserves to stay? Or will Brett’s growing power force her to flee once more?